Aberian Arvanxi

Former Lord-Mayor of Westcrown


male Chelish human

Hero Points: 1


Lord-Mayor Arvanxi is the third mayor of Westcrown to live in the rebuilt mayoral manor since its destruction after Aroden’s death. He became mayor in 4689, after the disappearance of Dargentu Vheed. He was from the Egorian Arvanxis, and instead of residing in Vaneo Arvanxi on Westcrown Island he sold it.

He is a great lover of opera, and has spent a large amount of tax money on the arts.

At the Cornucopia on Arodus 24, Aberian sat between Lord Vassindio Drovenge and Des Applethorn.

At the birthday party that he threw for Morgram the Magnificent, Aberian announced that he was commissioning a new opera called Nine Tribulations and One, to open in two years and starring Morgram. It is a ten-act opera, with an extended intermission after act five (immediately following Morgram being beheaded, so that there’s an opportunity to resurrect him). At the party, Aberian was dressed as Zombie Aroden.

Once things started getting worse in Westcrown Aberian realized that his life was in danger and that being mayor had stopped being fun. He designated his great-great-aunt as acting deputy mayor (since the actual deputy mayor had vanished) and fled to Magnimar.

About a year later he disappeared, having apparently been abducted by demons and taken to the moon.

Aberian Arvanxi

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