Dusk Market Healer


male elf


Doctor Aerelien is a Forsaken Elf that has taken up the worship of Zon-Kuthon. The elf has black hair and pale skin, but is attractive and personable to anyone that enters his relatively small tent from which he operates his business.

Anyone looking closely at Aerelian notices that the elf has actually developed very small scars across his face near his eyes, ears, and mouth, the results of experimental surgeries that he has performed on himself to alter his appearance.

Aerelian will gladly cast divine spells for those that come to him, and will provide potions and divine scrolls for anyone that requests them, for the proper fee. Whenever someone comes to him with an affliction, however, Aerelien does exhort his patients to discuss their affliction or injury in exacting detail, often time smiling at disturbing points in the discussion.


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