Crube Collie


male middle aged dwarf


Crube is 4’1" and weighs about 160 lb.

He arrived 25 years ago aboard a small ship with unfamiliar markings. He was obviously wealthy, as he was immediately able to buy a parcel of land in Parego Spera and start building the Bottomless Keg.

Crube is slender for a dwarf and keeps his face clean shaven. His black hair has recently begun graying at the temples. Generally slow moving and often found seated when at the Bottomless Keg, Crube is quick to smile and laugh heartily with patrons, guests, and family.

Through the years, the Bottomless Keg has prospered very well, as it attracts people of all types and persuasions. He is well liked by his employees, since he treats them fair and pays them well.

He claims not to know how the magical keg works, saying that he found it on a shipwreck in his homeland.

Crube Collie

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