Daughter of Flies


green hag


The Flies have been a part of Hagwood for as long as anyone can remember—long enough that the scattered and sodden woodlands within which they made their home became known as Hagwood. Far enough from Westcrown that the three hags weren’t considered a major threat, yet close enough to remain a constant menace in folktales and bedtime stories, these three green hags (the Mother, the Sister, and the Daughter) have for years played upon the fringes of Wiscrani society, working their nefarious plots for their own unknowable ends beneath the noses of the government of arguably Avistan’s most powerful kingdom. Such was their pervasive influence that Aroden’s death had no real impact on their lives and insulated positions—save perhaps in making it easier than ever to prowl the streets of Westcrown to further their complex web of plots.

Daughter of Flies

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