Eirtein Oberigo


male Chelish human nobleman


Eirtein Oberigo is the head of Westcrown’s second-most influential noble house. He has a reputation for always knowing what’s going on.

Eirtein’s well-lined face always seems fixed in a tight grin—he greets everyone like a long-lost brother or sister, but his mellifluous voice is somewhat unsettling in its eagerness.

Lord Oberigo is unmarried. His heir is his nephew, Cianco.

At the Cornucopia on Arodus 24, Lord Oberigo sat between Anselar Harth and Aritil Sevarn.

Lord Oberigo attended Morgram the Magnificent’s birthday party. He dressed as “Patient Asmodeus, Waiting for Cheliax”. Lord Oberigo presented Morgram with a deed to a small cottage in the country.

Lord Oberigo sits on the Council of Thieves. He attended Chammady’s cocktail party on Lamashan 11.

Eirtein Oberigo

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