female goblin with cloak


Stomp is Bagpipe’s assistant quartermaster. She helps get stuff for the Wisecrusher goblin tribe, plus claims to be in charge of burning things (a claim made by several other members of the tribe, as well).

One time, King Whitechin saw a barrel of alcohol being transported on a cart, and claimed it as his own. Before he could get Stomp to steal it for him though, the cart was robbed by halfling bandits. King Whitechin was furious, but too afraid to fight the halflings himself. Stomp spent the intervening days discovering where the halflings camped outside of town, and decided to retrieve the barrel of alcohol for the King Day party next week. She (and her buddies) did indeed find the barrel, but none of its contents made it back to the king.

Another time, after Stomp heard about a fire stick in a warehouse, she and her friends rode some goblin dogs in and took it, setting fire to a whole lot of things in the process.

Stomp’s goblin dog is named Poke.

Play History


June 17: Kara


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