Ursio Harth

Deputy Mayor


old male human aristocrat 1/sorcerer (celestial bloodline) 12
N Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +0; Senses Perception +1


AC 10, touch 10, flat-footed 10
hp 20 (13 HD; 1d8-2+12d6-24)
Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +11
Resist acid 10, cold 10


Speed 30 ft.
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 12, Concentration +16)

  • Level 6 (3/day)—shadow walk
  • Level 5 (5/day)—flame strike (DC 21), lesser planar binding, mage’s private sanctum
  • Level 4 (7/day)—dimension door, greater invisibility, locate creature, remove curse
  • Level 3 (7/day)—dispel magic, magic circle against evil, major image, suggestion, tongues
  • Level 2 (7/day)—alter self, detect thoughts, eagle’s splendour, locate object, resist energy, spider climb
  • Level 1 (7/day)—alarm, bless, feather fall, floating disc, summon monster i, unseen servant
  • Cantrips—arcane mark, detect magic, light, mage hand, mending, message, prestidigitation, read magic, resistance

Str 6, Dex 10, Con 7, Int 11, Wis 12, Cha 19
Base Atk +6; CMB +4; CMD 14
Feats Craft Wondrous Item, Eschew MaterialsB, Extend SpellB, Persuasive, Point Blank Shot, Scribe Scroll, Silent Spell, Still Spell
Skills Bluff +10, Fly +15, Intimidate +10, Knowledge (arcana) +16, Knowledge (nobility) +4, Knowledge (the planes) +4, Spellcraft +15, Use Magic Device +19.
Languages Chelish
SQ wings of heaven
Experience Points 87 595
Favoured Class sorcerer (skill point)

Special Abilities

Celestial Resistances (Ex) At 3rd level, you gain resist acid 5 and resist cold 5. At 9th level, your resistances increase to 10.

Heavenly Fire (Sp) Starting at 1st level, you can unleash a ray of heavenly fire as a standard action, targeting any foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack. Against evil creatures, this ray deals 1d4 points of damage + 1 for every two sorcerer levels you possess. This damage is divine and not subject to energy resistance or immunity. This ray heals good creatures of 1d4 points of damage + 1 for every two sorcerer levels you possess. A good creature cannot benefit from your heavenly fire more than once per day. Neutral creatures are neither harmed nor healed by this effect. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.

Wings of Heaven (Su) At 9th level, you can sprout feathery wings and fly for a number of minutes per day equal to your sorcerer level, with a speed of 60 feet and good maneuverability. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be used in 1 minute increments.


From the plaque in the Devildrome:

Lord Harth moved his family to Westcrown late in the forty-sixth century. The entire family was killed in the riots a few years later. Lord Harth resisted those opposed to House Thrune’s rightful rule by using his magical might to enable the hoards of Hell to swallow up insurgents in great numbers. Sadly, this effort cost him his life.

Ursio is Anselar Harth’s father.

After his resurrection, Lord Harth got into discussions with Lord Mayor Aberian Arvanxi, with the result that Ursio is now Deputy Mayor of Westcrown.

Lord Harth attended Morgram’s birthday party. He dressed as a traditional spellcaster.

Play History


May 4 Monique
May 18 Monique
June 8 Monique

Ursio Harth

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