Aura strong evocation; CL 15th
Slot none; Weight 5 lbs.

The Morrowfall is one-half of the Aohl, an artifact gifted to the ancient Jaytirian Society following a sacred truce between their two feuding gods of millennia past. The Morrowfall is the remaining manifestation of the power of Easivra, a potent sun god now all but forgotten (it’s a DC 30 Knowledge [religion] check to learn Easivra’s name, but any good-aligned creature that touches the Morrowfall immediately knows the name and how to use the artifact’s powers). The Morrowfall constantly emits daylight, as per the spell. In addition, by presenting it strongly and uttering Easivra’s name (a standard action), the Morrowfall can be used to cast the following spells.

  • At Will—detect undead, disrupt undead, daze monster (DC 13)
  • 3/day—blindness (DC 13), daylight, searing light
  • 1/day—sunbeam (DC 20), sunburst (DC 22)

When the Morrowfall is joined with its counterpart, the Totemrix, its powers (as well as those of the Totemrix) are suppressed. In this state, both it and the Totemrix can be destroyed by anything capable of destroying a magic metal object of its size.



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