The Lycanthropy of Evran Townsend:


The bestial and feral memories imparted by this book heighten the reader’s reaction time and destructive nature, granting a +2 bonus on Initiative checks and on Strength checks made to break or destroy objects.


This chronicle presents the tragic tale of young Evran Townsend’s doom after he was bitten by a werewolf in Darkmoon Vale. He spent three years in the woods, growing more powerful and losing more of his humanity until his former adventuring companions finally tracked him down and returned him to civilization after believing they had cured his curse. Yet the first full moon after his return, Evran transformed again and slew dozens of innocents—his companions were forced to hunt him down in the catacombs beneath the city’s graveyards, and finally killed him with a strike from a silver rapier.

The Lycanthropy of Evran Townsend:

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