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  • Morgram the Magnificent

    _Always takes care of his instrument..._ Charming, talented and infamous and always happy to spend time with a fan (particularly a female one). A bit of primadonna but always up for a good time and ready to help a friend in need.

  • Balgorn

    He has the typical grey skin and bald pate of a duergar, and his beard is long, scraggly, white, and unkempt, which has led some speculation that Balgorn is in mourning over some friend or family member, though many often wonder if the Duergar also keep …

  • Rusilka Droskadam

    Many years ago, in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Morgram was a gifted young man, romantic and naive. His mother and father encouraged his talents and supported him when he was given the opportunity to go to court and study under the music master in …

  • Ingra the Incredible

    Ingra is the daughter of [[:morgram-the-magnificent]], and she is a performer in her own right. She was born in 4591. h4. Play History h6. 2013 *September 7* Corey

  • Rolan

    Rolan the Tinkerer lives on Gull Street in Rego Pena. He is an expert in clockwork devices. Rolan studied at the Clockwork Cathedral in Absalom, where he became a follower of the clockwork goddess Brigh.

  • Crube Collie

    Crube is 4'1" and weighs about 160 lb. He arrived 25 years ago aboard a small ship with unfamiliar markings. He was obviously wealthy, as he was immediately able to buy a parcel of land in Parego Spera and start building the [[Bottomless Keg]]. …