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  • Vahnwynne Malkistra

    For about a hundred years, Vahnwynne has roamed the empire hunting vampires. She has dedicated her life to this task, and has little interest in outside pursuits. With 14 slayings already to her name elsewhere in Cheliax, she followed a string of clues …

  • Merisiel

    Merisiel was born before Aroden died, and is an amazing hero. She is currently assisting the Children of Westcrown in their efforts to make the city into a better place, though she has declined to accept the role of leader.

  • Aerelien

    Doctor Aerelien is a Forsaken Elf that has taken up the worship of Zon-Kuthon. The elf has black hair and pale skin, but is attractive and personable to anyone that enters his relatively small tent from which he operates his business. Anyone looking …

  • Avahzi Serafian

    Avahzi's back has scars from being badly burned. She is the high priest of Mammon in Westcrown. Avahzi has lived in Westcrown for about a decade. She seems to have some sort of rivalry with [[:vestus-savaska]]. She attended [[:morgram-the- …

  • Myka

    Myka was a weapons instructor hired by the Dioso family to train a teenaged Remy in the use of polearms. Remy fell in love with her and was the happiest she had been in years, until it ended. Paralictor Myka is a member of the Order of the Pike.