Tag: half-elf


  • Arael

    Arael is a handsome man whose family has long lived in Westcrown. He wants nothing more than to see the House of Thrune toppled, but knows that this is a long-term goal at best, and has set his sights, for now, on what he feels is a much more realistic …

  • Nalia

    Nalia works for Madame [[:liiresta]] in the [[Dusk Market]]. She has a reputation for being playful and cheery, but more and more often she seems to arrive at work looking worn out. Nalia is pretty, in a rough way. Her make-up application is more …

  • Alwyn Destria

    Alwyn was a highwayman until he got caught a decade or so ago. He spent some prison time with a cleric of Abadar who was also serving time, and when he was released last year Alwyn joined the clergy himself. Westcrown is his first assignment.

  • Ilnerik Sivanshin

    In the months before Aroden’s death and the fall of the Chelish way of life, two bedraggled Pathfinders returned to Westcrown with a harrowing tale. Pathfinder [[:donatalus-bisby]] and his erstwhile chronicler Ilnerik Sivanshin returned from a gruelling …