Tag: halfling


  • Fiosa

    Fiosa serves House Rosala. She is a house servant who is friends with many halfling slaves; she takes advantage of her freedom to help her kin as best she can. She has a very real respect for Janiven and Arael after they helped her smuggle several …

  • Pingle Noofahob

    Pingle is considered by many to be the best tailor in Westcrown. He has a rather unpleasant demeanour, though he is usually just called "gruff" rather than anything coarser out of respect for his level of skill.

  • Giama

    Giama used to work on a Dioso chicken farm outside Westcrown. She was brought into the city without being told why. She is assigned to [[:aremcesca-remy-dioso|Aremcesca Dioso]]. She slept in a guest room in the mayoral manor house on the night of …

  • Piria

    Piria worked as a potter on a rural estate owned by House Arvanxi until very recently. She was brought to Westcrown but not initially told why. Her current assignment is as a maid to Lady Coraline, who always spurns her attempts to help. h4. Play …

  • Trask Cannivard

    Trask is a happy, outgoing halfling who was once a slave in Westcrown. He has many contacts among the halflings of the city, particularly those who have positions granting them access to much that the humans of the city don't quite realize they have left …

  • Zizi

    Zizi was a member of [[:vracca|Vracca]]'s bandit gang. She was particularly proud of her plate mail armour, and wished for opportunities to show it off. Zizi was slain by goblins on Arodus 16.

  • Cimon

    Cimon used to be a member of the late [[:vracca|Vracca]]'s bandit gang. On Arodus 16, they were attacked by goblins and every other member of the gang was killed. Cimon was stripped and humiliated, but allowed to hobble back to Westcrown.

  • Des Applethorn

    Des makes beer and sells it to taverns around Westcrown. On Arodus 18 he auditioned for the role of Dentris in the Six Trials of Larazod and landed the role of understudy. In the event that he does not perform that role he will be in the chorus. At …