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  • Aberian Arvanxi

    Lord-Mayor Arvanxi is the third mayor of Westcrown to live in the rebuilt mayoral manor since its destruction after Aroden's death. He became mayor in 4689, after the disappearance of [[:dargentu-vheed]]. He was from the Egorian Arvanxis, and instead of …

  • Anvengen Doskivari

    Anvengen Doskivari was the first mayor of Westcrown after the Thrune restoration. He was heavily involved in the rebuilding of the mayoral manor. He took office in 4640, and held it for about twenty years. After his disappearance he was replaced by [[: …

  • Dargentu Vheed

    Dargentu Vheed took over as Lord-Mayor of Westcrown in 4661 after [[:anvengen-doskivari]] disappeared mysteriously. Lord-Mayor Vheed himself also disappeared mysteriously, after which [[:aberian-arvanxi]] took over as mayor.