Tag: outsider


  • Carmina

    Carmina was an Outsider with whom [[:anselar]]'s parents entered into some sort of arrangement wherein she served as a combination of babysitter and tutor. She recognized Anselar when they saw each other in 4709.

  • Izmiara

    Izmiara has been on the moon for over ten thousand years, building her power base and enacting a plan to enable her mistress, Nocticula, to ascend to true godhood. Izmiara has a home in the Midnight Isles (in the Abyss) but prefers not to go there.

  • Vintari

    Prior to her capture, the lillend Vintari served as a muse and advisor to an influential aasimar poet in Tianjing named [[:himotae]]. When succubi from the Moonscar arrived one warm, clear afternoon to take Himotae away, they capitalized on the …

  • Scathscar

    Scathscar has long been trapped by [[:izmiara]] within her _lunar looking glass_. He will be intrigued with anyone with the power to rescue him. He doesn't know about Aroden's death.