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  • Lhiana Strikis

    The regidottari (“palace wardens”) operate under the authority of Durotas Lhiana Strikis. Strikis treats her troops like her personal slaves, often berating them publicly for minor offenses. She maintains control of her forces only by offering higher pay …

  • Garrick Graem

    Lieutenant Graem grew up in the Narrows district of Oppara. He became devoted to Abadar, and as part of his religious training he began serving in the city guard. There, he learned that most Taldans despise Cheliax as an empire of devil-worshippers and …

  • Alessa Agnoli

    Constable Agnoli recently joined the Dottari and was immediately assigned to [[:garrick-graem|Lieutenant Graem]]'s squad on Regicona. h4. Play History h6. 2012 *November 2* Christabel

  • Berado Biocci

    Constable Biocci is a nervous sort of fellow, a characteristic that ends up afflicting many of the city guard who have to patrol the streets at night. h4. Play History h6. 2012 *November 2* Ted