The primary forces of law and order in Westcrown are the dottari, the city guards. They all wear Aroden’s symbol stenciled in black on a red field, usually on a shield or tabard. Officers wear a reversed mark (red on black) on the upper arm, forearm, or ring (indicating ascending rank). They always travel in squads of seven—six soldiers and one lieutenant. The leader of the dottari is the duxotar, currently the mayor’s nephew Iltus Mhartis.

On paper, the dottari are one singular order under the control of the mayor’s appointed “high warden”—his young, oft-drunken nephew, Duxotar Iltus Mhartis. As Iltus “prefers to apportion his command to focus on the broader defences of the city,” his subordinates more often handle his abandoned responsibilities. Thus, personal vendettas and politics divide the dottari into four nearly independent forces.

Dottari: Durotas Saria Roccin controls the common dottari who man the gates and patrol the streets of the Spera, and she commands the most troops of any civic leader in the city.

Condottari: With at least two adels and a sail barge at official docks on each floating marina, Durotas Scasi Bolvona commands the condottari, or “canal wardens,” who patrol the Westchannel, the Dhaenflow, and the canals of the Regicona.

Rundottari: Based out of Keep Dotar in the northeastern Rego Cader, the rundottari, or “ruin wardens,” operate under the authority of Durotas Arik Tuornos. Arik knows his command is a posting of low prestige and social punishment, but he and his men take pride in their responsibility to man the walls of Rego Cader and keep the threats and dangers of the ruins contained and out of the city.

Regidottari: The regidottari (“palace wardens”) operate under the authority of Durotas Lhiana Strikis. Lhiana treats her troops like her personal slaves, often berating them publicly for minor offences. She maintains control of her forces only by offering higher pay than other dottari and the prestige they gain both in working on the Regicondan Walls and in their potential ability to craft alliances with the city’s rich and powerful.


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