Group Equipment

New Equipment ()

Chess set (400 yrs old Taldor to Cheliax gift; 1000GP intrinsic)

7 x cytillesh extract
MW composite longbow [+2]
potion of cure light wounds
6 x blue whinnis poison
2 x potions of cure serious wounds
scroll of fireball (CL 7th)
wand of animate dead (4 charges)

3 antitoxin
drow house banner of black spider silk with the symbol of a white centipede over a red diamond (worth 300 gp),
a stoppered green bottle with campfire bead
white cloth pouch 2 ioun torches
wand of lightning bolt (CL 5) (50 charges)
hat of disguise
ring of feather falling
small wooden box 2 bandages of rapid recovery

3 alchemist labs
“Troll blood and cytillesh with blightburn granules”,
“Troll blood and cytillesh”,
“Concentrated cytillesh with elemental essence”,
“Wing slice”,
“Concentrated cytillesh with caphorite & lazurite granules”,
“Cytillesh with podered ogre gland”

Equipment to be kept (proposed):

Whisperslash – Rapier mithril, defending, +1, acts as silver (Proposed for Coraline)
Hand of the Pharoah of Nagas – Luckstone
2 x javelins of lightning

Minor Crown of Blasting (proposed for Morgram)
2x Golem Bane Scarab (Proposed for Remy and Coraline)
Longsword +1 Defending (Currently held by Ayanda)
Rope of Climbing ()
Campfire Bead ()
Hat of Disguise ()

Crux ledgers
Scrolls: Heal, Remove Curse, Scrying, greater restoration, speak with dead, and summon monster iii. (Where there’s a question, the scrolls are arcane rather than divine.)

3 x grave candles (in box)

Blackmailing paperwork
Book – Tour of Osirion
Book – Andoran Philosophy
Book – Libra Malfact

Equipment to sell (proposed):

50 x crossbow bolts, mithril
6 x bloodstones (50gp ea)

Group Equipment

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