Fireday, Lamashan 7: Morgrym born.


Toilday, Lamashan 29: Zimburchem born.


The Six Trials of Larazod performed starring Morgrym


Oathday, Desnus 16: Anselar Harth born.


Fireday, Rova 29: Coraline Arvanxi born.


Wealday, Erastus 27: Aremcesca Dioso born.


Starday, Lamashan 6: The group is subjected to temporal stasis.


Moonday, Arodus 10: The group is brought out of temporal stasis by Janiven Key, only to find themselves in some sort of gladiatorial arena. They force their way out, and agree to meet Janiven’s leader, Arael. When it turns out that he has gotten himself captured by Hellknights they leave. They try to go to the Bank of Abadar but discover that it is only open on Wealdays. They spend the night at the Gargling Gargoyle.
Toilday, Arodus 11: The heroes return to the secret headquarters of the Children of Westcrown and return the wands they had kept the previous day. Yakopulio follows them when they leave. They visit a moneychanger and discover that he had been robbed. They agree to try to find the thieves. They take a boat to the islands and are fitted for new outfits, which will be ready on Fireday, Arodus 14. They return to the Gargling Gargoyle for the night.
Wealday, Arodus 12: The heroes go to the bank, where they submit to spellcasting and state their claims that they are who they are. Lord Ghival tells them that he can’t give them all of their money right now, but that he can offer some spellcasting given sufficient notice. They do some investigation, and learn that the series of burglaries is being carried out by a group known as The Bastards of Erebus. Not only that, but they learn the identity of the group’s next target: Ulfgar Bartreson. They scout out his shop and note his rendezvous with a young woman. Hiding in an alley, they wait until the thieves show up, then follow them into the shop. After a fight, they drag the thieves outside just in time for the Children of Westcrown to show up. They all head to the headquarters of the Bastards of Erebus, where they meet with Palaveen. They retrieve Hanvex‘s books, and arrange for another meeting. They find a ruin in which to spend the rest of the night.
Oathday, Arodus 13: They leave Rego Cader in order to research House Dioso, and arrange for the homeless man they’d met the previous day to deliver their message to Palaveen. They meet up with Anselar, give Brinno Hanvex his book, visit the Dioso manor house, shop at the dusk market, and return to the Gargling Gargoyle.
Fireday, Arodus 14: The heroes collect their modern garb and return to the Dioso manor house, where Aremcesca gets her papers of nobility. They meet Palaveen on a hill outside of town, and kill him and two of his subordinates. They look at Delvehaven, then enter the sewers and kill some shadow beasts. They spend the night at the Gargling Gargoyle.
Starday, Arodus 15: The heroes make their way to the mayoral manor, where Coraline introduces herself. Everyone is offered residence. Lord Ghival arrives and confirms Coraline’s identity. Giama arrives, bringing Aremcesca’s mail.

Sunday, Arodus 16: The group enjoys breakfast around the fountain, then goes to Westcrown Island to speak to Tacito. Following the conversation they meet with Dravano and then kill some sewer monsters. They arrive at the Children of Westcrown headquarters from underground. From there go shopping then head back to the mayoral manor. Zimberchem sends a letter to the Hellknights inquiring after Arael.
Moonday, Arodus 17: The group meets up with Malatina, Fredo, Pom, and Iana, who will be accompanying them into the Asmodean Knot in the attic. They fight howlers and shadows, then find a prison. Anselar gets turned to stone by a trap. They interview some insane prisoners, fight some undead, then meet Chemosh the kyton. Soon after they leave him they hear sounds of combat, and rush back to find him fighting the mayor. They unmask the tiefling impersonating the mayor, and imprison her. After they fight a mummy they take their prisoner and leave the Knot. The guard takes the tiefling away.
Toilday, Arodus 18: The group reenters the Knot. They defeat the Outcast King and retrieve the Chelish Crux. Several of them audition for The Six Trials of Larazod.
Wealday, Arodus 19: Rehearsals for the Six Trials continue. In the evening, Coraline and Anselar lead a team into the Korradath and uncover a cultist of Mammon who has been stealing from the city. Aremcesca has dinner with Chammady Drovenge. A woman dressed in red broke into Zimberchem’s bedroom, shot at him once, then fled.
Oathday, Arodus 20: Rehearsals continue. Morgram gives s preview over lunch at the Bottomless Keg. Malatina asks Coraline and Anselar for help decoding a message, then they and Malatina’s squad hunt down some demon-possessed folk. Pom dies. Morgram spends the evening with a young dwarfish woman but neglects to ask her name, then slips out once she falls asleep. He gets caught breaking curfew by some of the Dottari.
Fireday, Arodus 21: Rehearsals take up the full day. People in Westcrown are starting to get excited about the production. A woman dressed in red breaks into Zimberchem’s bedroom just before midnight and shoots him.
Starday, Arodus 22: The troupe rehearses in the morning, then has the dress rehearsal in the afternoon. In between these events, Morgram and Aremcesca become quite inebriated. Coraline and Anselar fight a rock troll.

Sunday, Arodus 23: The Six Trials of Larazod During the show, unlicensed thieves broke into Vaneo Atenaar and made off with a fortune in jewellery. The regidottari (led by Lieutenant Garrick Graem) tracked down the thieves later that evening.
Moonday, Arodus 24: The Cornucopia (afterparty) took place at the mayoral manor house. Adamus d’Maio expressed his desire to marry Morgram the Magnificent.
Toilday, Arodus 25: Everyone takes it easy for a day.
Wealday, Arodus 26: The group opens the Chelish Crux. Everyone but Coraline goes to the Bank. Zimburchem gets angry and forces the Bank to close. People are disappointed.
Oathday, Arodus 27: Anselar leads the group into an abandoned shrine to Mammon to confront his father. Lord Ghival and Lady Chammady dined at the mayoral manor.
Fireday, Arodus 28: The group spends the day in preparation for departure.
Starday, Arodus 29: The ship sails for Kintargo via Corentyn.

Sunday, Arodus 30-Oathday, Rova 4: They sail.
Fireday, Rova 5: They arrive in Corentyn mid-day.
Starday, Rova 6: They visit the Bank of Abadar and withdraw much money. They purchase some magic items.

Sunday, Rova 7: They set out from Corentyn early in the morning.
Moonday, Rova 8: They sail.
Toilday, Rova 9: They sail. Late at night, Zimberchem breaks into the captain’s cabin, but avoids capture.
Wealday, Rova 10: They sail.
Oathday, Rova 11: Signing Day. Mid-day they arrive in Kintargo. Rain prevents pyrotechnic celebrations of the holiday.
Fireday, Rova 12: They meet with the mayor, then sail to Deepmar. They encounter a hysterical woman and slay a fungus-infected girallon.
Starday, Rova 13: Leaving Anselar and Delbina behind at the fort, the rest of the group sets out to explore the island. They discover some mutilated wild life, a trapped mine, and a secret door at the bottom of another mine. They discover some odd humanoids and a troll, and kill them. They securely block off a section of cave, and sleep.

Sunday, Rova 14: They kill the derro freshly reassigned to the guard room where they’d killed the troll, then they kill a couple of centipede-riding derro, then they find a room full of prisoners (including Anselar and Arael), whom they rescue. Pressing in, they slay some centipedes, an aberration, and several more derro. They rescue Captain Ashferth, the commanding officer of Fort Deepmar.
Moonday, Rova 15 – Oathday, Rova 18: They free prisoners, leave the underground complex, get back to the fort, and do what they can.
Fireday, Rova 19: They sail from Deepmar back to Kintargo. Arael and Fiosa celebrate the Day of the Inheritor.
Starday, Rova 20: Aremcesca has a chance to visit the Bank of Abadar. Everyone relaxes.

Sunday, Rova 21: They depart Kintargo.
Moonday, Rova 22: Fall equinox. Day of Wrath.
Toilday, Rova 23 & Wealday, Rova 24: They sail.
Oathday, Rova 24: They arrive in Corentyn.
Fireday, Rova 25: They depart Corentyn.
Starday, Rova 26: They sail. That night there is a wind storm.

Sunday, Rova 27-Moonday, Rova 28: They sail.
Toilday, Rova 29: Coraline’s birthday. They officers and crew of the ship sing and dance and put on a show for her. The sailors receive an extra grog ration.
Wealday, Rova 30-Fireday, Lamashan 2: They sail.
Starday, Lamashan 3: They arrive back in Westcrown. Morgram reads his mail.

Sunday, Lamashan 4: The group visits Lord Rosala. They make many plans.
Toilday, Lamashan 6: Ascendence Day (holy to Iomadae) The group confronts the ghost of Ursio Harth again, this time emerging victorious. Fiosa uses a scroll to resurrect him.
Wealday, Lamashan 7: Morgram’s birthday. There is a big party. Anselar gets married in a ceremony conducted by Vestus Savaska. Lord Ursio Harth is announced as the new deputy mayor.
Oathday, Lamashan 8: The Bastards of Erebus throw a huge party. There is much food and drink.
Fireday, Lamashan 9: Before dawn the Bastards of Erebus all board a ship for Magnimar, along with Amaya. The heroes enter Delvehaven. Ayanda dies. The heroes kill several vampires, including Vahnwynne Malkistra. The Korradath explodes. A group led by Deputy Mayor Ursio Harth travels to the shadow plane to investigate. They help the injured.
Starday, Lamashan 10: Deputy Mayor Harth leads an investigatory team into the basement of the mayoral manor.

Sunday, Lamashan 11: Chammady Drovenge hosts a cocktail party. Morgram takes Adamus, Zimburchem takes Tanglesmell Earflingnailboard, and Coraline takes G’el.
Moonday, Lamashan 12: Aremcesca checks in with her family about Oathday’s party. The others visit Lord Ghival, and request a scroll of harm. Morgram learns a secret way into the Forbidden Zone. The group confronts the Sisters of Eisith, and Coraline again considers joining them. They go to the Bottomless Keg and learn that Ingra the Incredible left the Limehouse Theatre in the company of an aristocrat. Upon their return to Vaneo Arvanxi they learn that it was the mayor. Morgram and Ingra awkwardly greet each other, and the mayor invites Ingra to move in. Fiosa uses the scroll to fix Khazrae Kuelata‘s sanity.
Toilday, Lamashan 13: An expedition to the Hagwood departs Westcrown. The group obtains a scroll of divination, which Fiosa uses to try to locate Ilnerik Sivanshin. Her weird poem directs the group (without Fiosa herself) to Regicona, where they encounter some shadow mastiffs at the site of an old Founder club.
Wealday, Lamashan 14: Early in the morning, Lucio Dioso is found dead in his bed. The group returns to the old Founder club and descends into the cesspit. They fight various shadow creatures, a vampire, and some sort of statue-guardian. Aremcesca dies. Morgram dies. Aremcesca and Morgram are raised from the dead. Ingra misses her scheduled performance because she was missing. Chammady rescued Ingra.
Oathday, Lamashan 15: The heroes teleport into Ilnerik’s stronghold and casually dispatch him. They rescue Lord Oberigo and Lord Mayor Arvanxi. Aremcesca hosts a party at Vaneo Dioso. Aremcesca, Morgram, and Zimburchem murder Chammady, and give her body to the guards. Aremcesca and Lord Oberigo scheme about the composition of the new Council of Thieves. Mayor Arvanxi prepares to leave Westcrown.
Fireday, Lamashan 16: Aberian Arvanxi sails for Magnimar, disguised as a female dwarf. Gorvio reports that he suspects that Merisiel is actually a human male in disguise. The Duxotar reports that the Hellknights have been fighting, and the group confronts them. Aremcesca is briefly reunited with Myka. Coraline receives a sending from Chammady, warning her that Aremcesca has gone insane and is attacking her friends. Some devils are in the sky, flying over Regicona. Morgram teleports to retrieve Ingra, Sandrine, and Fiosa, then the group sails to the island. They’re ambushed by a half-dozen mounted bearded devils. They drop Ingra at the Hobbled Goat then assault Ghival’s townhouse. He casts heal on Aremcesca, then they blind him and beat him up. They take Ghival and Maglin back to the mayoral manor house, and accept their parole. Rusilka Droskadam arrives to take her husband home. The group sends for Yakopulio, who tells them that Zingleburpbembledak is at the Bruised Eel, they go see him and discover that he’s bleached. They take him back to the manor, and have a sad night.
Starday, Lamashan 17: They take the morning to relax. Mistress Tobo is displeased that her pantry was raided (by Adamus) and leaves for a while. The group confronts Ecarrdian Drovenge on top of the Arodennama, and Acting Mayor Arvanxi ends up striking a deal with G’el in order to prevail. Ecarrdian, Avahzi Serafian, and Skarx Veskandi all die.

Sunday, Lamashan 18: General Vourne arrives and takes Chammady into custody. He confirms Coraline as Mayor of Westcrown.


Moonday, Kuthona 13: Mayor Arvanxi is hosting her friends, Remy and Anselar, for a quiet drink when a mysterious stranger appears. He tells them that Former Mayor Aberian Arvanxi has disappeared from a town called Skelt (near Korvosa) and has been taken to the moon. They chat about it for a bit, and decide to go rescue him.
Toilday, Kuthona 14: The three of them have themselves teleported to Korvosa to begin their search. They stay at Tenna’s B&B.
Wealday, Kuthona 15: While dining at the Crested Falcon, they are approached by a serpentfolk cleric of Iomadae calling himself Reethna-Onatee and his human companion, Varia. They exchange stories, and determine that since they’re all going to the moon they might as well travel together.
Oathday, Kuthona 16: The groups travels by coach through Bloodsworn Vale, spending the night at Fort Thorn.
Fireday, Kuthona 17: The groups travels all day, ending their journey in Skelt. They stay the night at the Platinum Platter.
Starday, Kuthona 18: They travel to the Growling Skald and encounter members of the Searing Stone tribe of fire giants. They kill many of them, and accept the surrender of one. Varia names him “Frosty”. Aremcesca dies and is brought back to life by Reethna-Onatee’s sword. They return to Skelt, make a purchase, then teleport to Westcrown. Reethna-Onatee and Varia are guests at Vaneo Arvanxi, though they decline Mistress Tobo’s offered food.

Sunday, Kuthona 19: The groups makes some purchases then teleports back to the Growling Skald. Once the Somal Gate opens at sunset they jump through and find themselves on the moon. They fight some succubi mounted on shantaks, and slay most of them. They meet The Trailblazer, who believes Coraline to be a succubus, and then bypass a lake containing what appears to be an albino froghemoth. They discover an altar, which they leave alone. The defeat some moon beasts, then rescue Varia’s friend Jiroth and a few other people from some demons. Coraline scouts ahead down a secret tunnel and has her outfit destroyed by acid. She leads the strange acid-spitting creatures back to her companions, who assist her in slaughtering them. Anselar activates a scroll of magnificent mansion, and the group and the people they’ve rescued spend the night in style.
Moonday, Kuthona 20: The group heads down the secret tunnel, with Coraline flying Varia down and everyone else making their own way. They find a library of ruined books, a prison for outsiders (where they rescue Vintari the lillend), a waterfall room (where they kill some hezrou demons), a hallway full of prisoners (whom they rescue), and a very large, misty room guarded by a huge gold dragon. Anselar dimension doors Varia in, and she uses magic to free the dragon from possession. Maurinaxian goes to the surface, and Aremcesca rejoins the group. They rescue more prisoners, then search the next level down. The find the dead hezrous plus fifteen statues of a succubus. They slay some vrocks and descend further, only to be stopped by a marilith who nearly kills Coraline. The group teleports back to Vaneo Arvanxi, where Mistress Tobo prepares a nice meal for them.
Toilday, Kuthona 21: The group leaves Vintari behind but takes Arael along when they teleport back to the moon. They almost immediately encounter the marilith, along with two vampires and a succubus. One of the vampires mistakes Aremcesca for someone named “Eulalia” before correcting herself. The group defeats the marilith’s gang, then finishes off all of the vampires on that level of the dungeon. They attempt to enter the door they’ve dubbed “The Stinky Room”, but get warned off by a magical voice and agree to wait an hour before entering. They descend to the lower level and fight some glabrezus and a human. Pressing onward, they confront the Insatiable Queen. Aremcesca dies. Coraline dies. Maurinaxian dies. Ultimately the succubus is defeated and everyone is saved. Aremcesca pledges her life in service to Iomadae, and begins working under Arael’s guidance.


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