Tag: devil


  • Khazrae Kuelata

    The last millennium has been hard on Khazrae Kuelata. Once a prominent erinyes assassin and scourge of a legion of the damned in Dis, she lost a key political battle against a longstanding nemesis for the favour of her patron, the archdevil Moloch. Rather …

  • Melavengian

    Melavengian makes his home in Erebus. He was one of [[:ecarrdian-drovenge|Ecarrdian]]'s only friends. h4. Play History h6. 2013 *October 5* Ryan

  • Gio

    Gio (not his real name) deals in information, and offered Coraline (whom he calls "Gio") a week's service from himself and two other imps in exchange for an explanation of what caused the explosion of the [[Korradath]].

  • G’el

    G'el was on the shadow plane, circling the crater where the [[Korradath]] used to be. He gave [[:coraline|Coraline]] a bone which she could break to summon him if she wished to make a deal. She broke it in order to ask him on a date, and as a result he …

  • Sapphire

    Sapphire was at the temple of Asmodeus in Westcrown during one of Morgram's visits, and expressed an interest in meeting him.

  • Scathscar

    Scathscar has long been trapped by [[:izmiara]] within her _lunar looking glass_. He will be intrigued with anyone with the power to rescue him. He doesn't know about Aroden's death.