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  • Iron Lash

    A gift from Nocticula designating her chosen acolytes, _Iron Lash_ is a powerful weapon in the hands of one dedicated to doing the demon lord’s will.

  • Izmiara

    Izmiara has been on the moon for over ten thousand years, building her power base and enacting a plan to enable her mistress, Nocticula, to ascend to true godhood. Izmiara has a home in the Midnight Isles (in the Abyss) but prefers not to go there.

  • Maurinaxian

    Maurinaxian laired on the open savanna in the southern reaches of the Mwangi Expanse, until she was tormented and ultimately possessed by Thastrakna the shadow demon. He took her to the moon, where he kept her until she was freed from his possession by " …

  • Vintari

    Prior to her capture, the lillend Vintari served as a muse and advisor to an influential aasimar poet in Tianjing named [[:himotae]]. When succubi from the Moonscar arrived one warm, clear afternoon to take Himotae away, they capitalized on the …

  • Scathscar

    Scathscar has long been trapped by [[:izmiara]] within her _lunar looking glass_. He will be intrigued with anyone with the power to rescue him. He doesn't know about Aroden's death.

  • Himotae

    Before his abduction, Himotae was an influential poet in Tianjing. His advisor and muse, [[:vintari]], was abducted at the same time he was.

  • The Trailblazer

    The jotund troll has been here so long that he knows himself only as The Trailblazer, and he carries out the unending task of clearing trails through the jungle’s dense foliage with his massive scythe. He is usually accompanied by his pack of "hounds".

  • Ricara of Egorian

    Ricara was first encountered on the moon in the company of [[:the-cloven-sister |the Cloven Sister]]. She at first mistook Aremcesca for someone Eulalia, but quickly realized her mistake.

  • Bth-Zgragg

    Bth-Zgragg worked for [[:izmiara|the Insatiable Queen]] until her death, at which point he was free to do as he liked. He owes a favour to the group that let him go, and most of his contact has been with [[:coraline]].