Aberian's Folly

Westcrown’s mayoral manor was destroyed during the civil war, but it was rebuilt by Mayor Anvengen Doskivari at great expense, at which point it gained the nickname “Anvengen’s Folly”. When Mayor Dargentu Vheed succeeded him and spent yet more money on the manor, the populace updated its nickname to “Dargentu’s Folly”.

Mayor Aberian Arvanxi has spent almost no money on the house, preferring to fund opera and other arts projects, but the people nonetheless call the building “Aberian’s Folly”.

The manor house is a three-storey building in the southwestern part of Rego Sacero, and is flanked by two smaller noble manors, currently occupied by House Mhartis and House Rasdovain.

Rules for House Guests

  1. The staff has your best interests at heart. If any of them, particularly one of the guards, makes a request of you then please honour it.
  2. The area east of the dining hall is private. The main floor has the mayoral offices, and the second floor has the family’s private residence. Please stay out of the areas east of the dining hall.
  3. Please don’t enter the attic. It’s dirty and used for storage. The servants can get anything from there should it be required.
  4. Stay out of the kitchen. Mistress Tobo is a great chef but does not like her demesne invaded. If you need food then ask one of the staff. If they cannot supply you with what you need then seek out a restaurant.

Aberian's Folly

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