The Six Trials of Larazod

Unseen in hundreds of years!
A revival for the ages!
Blood! Death! Agony! Betrayal!
That timeless classic:
The Six Trials of Larazod
One show only! Sunday, Arodus 23!
Grand opening of the Nightshade Theatre!
Join Mayor Arvanxi and other important guests!
Not to be missed!

Auditions for chorus and some principal parts held at the Limehouse Theatre in Parego Spera on Toilday, Arodus 18. Authentic adventurers and legitimate risk-takers wanted! Direct inquiries to Robahl Nonon.


Directed by


Stage Crew

Rehearsal Hall


1 Understudy for Ms Nymmis

2 Understudy for Zimburchem

3 Understudy for Mr Ulvauno

4 Understudy for Morgram

5 Understudy for Nalia

6 Understudy for Yooboodoo the Goblin

The Six Trials of Larazod

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